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This is a discussion on 9 mm ammo within the Ammunition forums, part of the Gunner Forum category; I'm sure that I saw a thread about some excellent 9 mm ammo on here, but can't find it? Anyone? It may have had something ...

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9 mm ammo

I'm sure that I saw a thread about some excellent 9 mm ammo on here, but can't find it?
Anyone? It may have had something to do with a comparison to 40 Cal.
Can anyone help, or am I totally off base?
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Hey, Kahuna,
Well, to answer your question, I'd need to ask some questions! There are many good brands of 9 MM ammo being made, and reloaded, but they are only good if they preform well in YOUR guns! As you know, there are no two guns that are exactly alike, even ones that follow each other on the assembly line, and it is usually a case of finding the ammo/bullet type & weight/velocity that your gun "likes". What are you shooting it from? Handgun or pistol caliber Carbine? New firearm, (or like most of mine), well used and older models?
I have found that the 9 MM caliber is a difficult caliber to find accurate handloads for, especially when you load them with lead bullets. Handloading is a much less expensive way to find recipes that your gun likes, in that you don't have to buy a box of 25 or 50, to try them out, I usually load 5 rounds each to try in all of my six 9 MM handguns, and then record how they performed at a set range distance of 25 yards. In many cases some will excel with one load, and in other handguns, they will give mediocre performance. When you have found the "golden goose" is when you find ONE loading recipe that they ALL like, which is very rare.
As to commercial ammo, I have found that NONE of my 9 MM handguns like is Federal Aluminum cased, and Winchester Steel cased ammo, surprisingly the Russian Tula brand was good in one of my 9's, (Canik TP-9), but none of the other ones "liked" it.
Perfecta, (made by Fiocchi, in Italy), has been good in most of my 9's, and S&B (Sellier & Bellot) has been O.K., albeit it is loaded "hotter" than most American brands, Blazer Brass ammo, (made by CCI/Speer) has been good in some of mine, so it boils down to testing and making notes!
Hope this helps!
Fred (Honcho).
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I don't recall the thread you are referring to. Saw these on the web:



I prefer the larger caliber big bullet philosophy so I tend to go with the .45 or .40 although I do carry a 9 MM, a Sig P938 as my EDC because of the ease of carry and light weight.
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You may be like me; I've seen so many 9 vs 40 threads on so many forums I can't remember which was where. I've never tried a 40, and my last 9 was 30-odd years ago, an S&W 39. From what I read, the 40 seems to be a solution looking for a problem, but some would disagree.

Myself, I'll stick to .38 Special. It's a good round with modern SD designs. I don't trust the potential malfunctions of pistols, and .357 over-penetrates.
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I thank you all for the excellent responses.
My 9 mm is a Browning Hi-Power and I think
I can shoot it pretty well, but I don't fire it
very often and have no clue about different
I have had the pistol "Tuned Up", so to speak:
That is the ramp polished, trigger pull adjusted,
I have also had some Hollow Point rounds jam the
gun. I don't know if it is/was failure to eject or
fail to load into the chamber, as I was more
concerned about clearing the jam than trying
to determine the actual cause. I think failing to
load is the issue.
Further, I have no idea what the ammo was that
caused the problem, cuz I'm cheap & will try
anything cheap.
Finding this forum is a real Blessing, as I'm
learning so much so quickly.'
As you can tell, I'm no where near as
knowledgeable as most on the forum, and really
appreciate the help.
I really want something that will stop a BG & Not jam
Hope it's OK to say that?

Yes, those are the threads I was referring to
Thank You so much
I'm in the school of one gun & know it well
You guys & gals are just great. thanks

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Jim, the only way to know what will work for your Hi Power is to spend the money and try various factory loads. Most of the modern 9mm models are built around hollow point SD loads, now, but some of the older designs like your HP may be a bit fussy in this regard. Have done quite well with some of the Hornady Critical Defense 9mm factory ammo, but, even there, you have several options as to bullet weights and load levels, so you'll just have to see what the HP prefers. If you actually plan to carry your gun for SD purposes, going cheap on the ammo is a bad idea. Pick one good SD factory load to use for carry purposes and then look for a cheaper practice load.

My experience with the 9mm, which I shoot mainly in 1911s, is that there is much more variation as to what individual guns like or do not like, as noted above. My 1911s in 45 auto are less fussy about ammo, probably because the 1911 platform was built around one basic load.

Me, I don't trust the potential malfunctions of revolvers. Seriously, my track record with centerfire semi-autos versus revolvers favors the semi-autos for reliability.

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+1! I totally agree with what the smart lady said.
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I can't say that I have ever had a problem with any "quality" practice or SD ammo although the wpfe's S&P Shield did not like Sig ammo, all over the target, but my P320 shoots it just fine. We have pretty much standardized on Speer Gold Dot and Hornady CD and stick to 124gr and lots of practice.
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I see a lot of mentions of Hornady's ammo working well in everything. I use the Hornady 125 grain XTP in my SP101. Chose it based on reviews of good penetration and adequate expansion. Terminal ballistics aren't great with any ammo from a short barrel. At ten yards or less for SD, accuracy isn't the main issue.
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