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This is a discussion on Fiocchi 9mm 158gr FMJ Flat Nose within the Ammunition forums, part of the Gunner Forum category; I was recently informed that Fiocchi started to load their 9mm 158gr round with flat nose bullets due to increased demand from suppressor use. The ...

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Fiocchi 9mm 158gr FMJ Flat Nose

I was recently informed that Fiocchi started to load their 9mm 158gr round with flat nose bullets due to increased demand from suppressor use. The 9mm 158gr Fiocchi has been a round nose bullet for many years, and was one of the very few subsonic rounds that had a round nose bullet. I've purchased the round nosed 158gr over the years but was wondering if anyone has used the newer flat nose in the 158gr and if you had any problems with it feeding. I have read comments on the forum over the years with some having trouble with flat nose ammo in general from feeding whether it be in German HK's or clones. Seems like more so than not that flat nose ammo has feeding issues in the MP5 guns for what ever reason. I do know that some flat nose ammo is better than others and that the shape can play a role in feeding. I don't see any type of feeding issues in any type of handguns do to the feeding ramp on the barrel.

If you have any experience with the new flat noise please share it.

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I have not tried them. I carry 147 gr JHP's in my Sig P938 and that is the only 9 MM I own.
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I like the Buffalobore Outdoorsman ammo for my outdoor activities but a totally different animal!
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Let me throw my opinion in here, based on a little history.
I reload my own ammo & have for awhile after taking a break from it.
That includes .380 & .45 acp, as well as 9mm in pistol calibers & .223 Rem. for rifles.

9mm was originally designed for a 124 grain bullet. I have experimented with 100 grain bullets & can get them to work, but not reliably, especially in a full size 9mm.

I originally thought it would be great to use 1 bullet for my .380 acp & 9mm range/practice ammo. I have since changed my thoughts on reloading and load ammo that will function in any pistol, vice tailoring a load for a particular pistol. I don't own revolvers, so I don't see a need to tailor the rounds. I originally did for my small, short barreled 9mm's, attempting to make a soft shooting practice round, but then that same round would not work in my heavy CZ75 or full size Sigs.

Ammo manufactures have to make ammo to function in all firearms & the only way to do that is to load it to near max pressures, so now, I find a carry ammo that I like it's performance, and I make/load my reloads to perform the same, velocity wise.

That way, I am practicing with the same ammo, velocity wise, that I carry.

Now my .45 auto reloads, I do sometimes load a softer shooting 200 grain lead bullet, but I change the recoil spring to a lower weight. That is the only round I play with anymore. Keep in mind with the .45 auto, most people shoot 230 grain RN ball ammo, but Browning originally designed it for 200 grain ammo, but the military wanted a bigger/heavier bullet. I like the 200 grain bullets.

Back to 9mm's. I use 115 & 124 grain round & flat nose bullets & they both work great.
I just feel that the 158 grain bullet you mention would be fine in a revolver or carbine, but in a lot of pistols, you are gonna run into chambering & function problems due to the size of a bullet that weight & the overall length of the cartridge. It's almost 25% bigger than the bullet that caliber was designed for.

Hope this helps.

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