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Warren 06-20-2020 01:58 PM

Non-corrosive "Black Powder"
I am interested in shooting my two "Black Powder" firearms (.36 revolver & Hawken .50).
Is there a black powder substitute available that is "non-corrosive?
Also, I've has my Hawken.50 since 1976 and have used Tompson's Bore Butter (non-oil based), have I beer doing the right thing to avoid corrosion (seems to work)?

Terry_P 06-20-2020 05:18 PM

I don't think Triple 7 is completely non-corrosive but it is close. You clean the residue with hot water and then oil after. It contains no Sulfur. The article below says Black Mag3 claims to be non-corrosive. I have never used it.

bearcatter 06-20-2020 07:00 PM

I see a lot of Google hits for Blackhorn 209 being a non-corrosive substitute. Don't know much about BP, just passing along the link.

Warren 06-21-2020 04:38 AM

Thanks for the info.....
I really liked the Savage muzzle loader, as I recall it was the only one where you could use smokeless powder.

Terry_P 06-21-2020 05:00 AM

That is the only I know of that recommends smokeless.

A word of caution on the BP substitutes they are measured by volume and not by weight. When I used FFG black powder for the Thompson .50 Cal I used to own I weighed the charges and that was scary accurate at 100 yards. I now use an inline for NH Muzzleloader season and I use pyrodex pellets. I have tried various brands of BP substitutes and I use either the measured pellets or a volumetric measure of the granular version.

I have an old Knight Wolverine that I converted to 209's and I scoped it with a Leupold BDR scope for Muzzleloaders. With 2 pyrodex pellets over a 250 gr sabot it is all I hunt with in NH's gun and muzzleloader season. My area is shotgun or muzzleloader only so I don't even bother to get the hard kicking shotgun out after muzzleloader season ends. The muzzleloader will easily hold 2" @ 100 yards and most of my shots are 50 yards or less. At that distance you shouldn't need a second shot.

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