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swon 04-03-2014 03:26 PM

el presidente test of pistol skill
the el prez was instituted by Jeff cooper as an evaluative standard. It is SUPPOSED to be shot from realistic concealment, (ie, under a shirtail) using a lw, compact gun, and powerful ammo. You start facing UP range, your hands in "surrender" position, with your back to 3 man torsos. they are 10 yds from you, and they are SUPPOSED to be spaced 3 yds apart, edge to edge. On signal, you pivot, draw, hit all 3 men 2x each, reload, and repeat, for a total of 12 shots. When this is done with realistic gear and conditions, 7 seconds is VERY fast.

swon 04-03-2014 03:29 PM

with a "space gun" and rig, 7 yds, 1 yd between targets
base pad on the mag, extended mag release, wussy loads, no 180 degree pivot, a "trumpet mouth" mag well extention, and an optical sight, guys run the "el prez" bastardization in sub 4 seconds, with good hits. Make those same guys run it as it's supposed to be run (full charge 230 gr ammo in a carry gun like a lw commander, in an IWB rig under a shirt, from 10 yds, full spacing of the man targets, and the 180 degree pivot, and they are right back up to the 7 second mark again (or they miss some of the targets ) Yet such cheating is the norm. Why bother to dribble a basketball, hmm? why not just run to third base and call it a "home run"?

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