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This is a discussion on Not so Sweets??? within the Gun Care forums, part of the Gunner Forum category; Originally Posted by tx gun runner That was a 200th yr gun new unfired in box when I got it . Never had time to ...

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Originally Posted by tx gun runner View Post
That was a 200th yr gun new unfired in box when I got it . Never had time to work up some target or hunting loads for it . It is a shame it looks like it will be a shooter .
Yeah, it's got that Olden day Dirty Harry look about it - " Go aheadeth, maketh mine day"
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This needs a bit of basic chemistry

Hi All,
I've continually read arguments about ammonium based solvents across all of the forums but in no instance have I seen anyone use chemistry to explain why these solvents may or may not damage barrels.
Here is the science,

Ammonia in the presence of CO2 and H20 forms Ammonium Carbomate (Hartshorn) this is found in urea. The Ammonium Carbomate through an equilibrium reaction (dehydration) forms Ammonium Bicarbonate. In the presence of moisture this breaks down into a number of salts but more importantly also forms Carbonic acid. All of these salts attack the oxide layer of IRON thereby causing corrosion. Using acetone or alcohol to remove them is pointless as they cannot be dissolved by it.

From the chemistry it stand to reason that:
1.) If you let it dry out it will, over time probably etch the barrel.
2.) If you need to remove it use water or a solvent that will remove nitrate salts.(Hoppes)
3.) It could be removed by using water followed by a penetrating oil.
4.) I personally wont use it on stainless steel as it contains some copper/brass and will probably turn it black and maybe etch it (don't know haven't tried).

If you have a barrel damaged by ammonia based cleaners and you have followed the instructions (and I have) it is probably because the barrel is rough and the solvent removed all of the copper fouling exposing the pits that were previously filled with fouling.

Please feel free to correct any information I have provided that isn't accurate. Cheers
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Great info and great shooting!
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The label don't tell you crap on them anymore . I think Hoppe took the ammonium out of there cleaner 30+ yrs ago and is safe to store it in guns forever . . Now Sweets has 5% and works in 5 mins and not safe to store it in guns over 10 mins . . I've used Kroil in the auto repair business and I leave it a gun for only over night the most in my guns . I have guns barrels I only shoot lead in and NEVER EVER shoot a jacket or copper wash bullets in . It take about 1000 rds to get a barrel seasoned for a lead shooter that won't leadup barrel once all the copper fouling is removed . It only takes 1 jacket bullet to take you back to square one . Lead sticks to copper fouling in barrel and cause a gun to leadup . I can't tell you how or why these 3 cleaners work the way do outside of using them for many years and happy with there performance .
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