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bearcatter 11-08-2017 09:49 AM

Ruger DA crane latch screwdriver?
That's the little screwhead you see below the crane release button.

I have two SPs, and I've looked at other Ruger DAs. The screw slots are very inconsistent. Some slots are wider than others, some are off-center. The slot in my snub is maybe a 16th wide; the slot on my .22 is slightly hour glass shaped. Would be better if they had done like the Bearcat's pawl spring screw. It takes a 1/16 allen wrench.

The pivot rarely gives trouble, but if I ever had to tighten or remove one, it would take a weird screwdriver. Bits are too thick to go straight into the screw, so it would take a regular shank driver. Jeweler driver tips are way too thin. Any ideas, beyond filing one down?

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