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bearcatter 10-26-2018 09:32 AM

Cleaning tricks
1 - When I clean a revolver, I use one of those 99 cent box cutters that has the 3/8" wide blade with snap off tips. Cheap ones are best since they aren't super sharp. I can chip or gently scrape the heavier lead around the forcing cone with one. I have to slide the blade out an inch or so. It can be useful in other places on guns. Keep in mind, all of my handguns are stainless. The cutter would scratch blue.

2 - Sometimes I get a thin spot of lead that is stubborn to brush or won't catch the cutter's edge. Then I use the brass toothbrush and a BIC lighter. Heat the spot a couple of seconds and the lead brushes loose easy.

I recently checked the actual temperatures involved. Most bullet lead will melt around 500-600 degrees. A butane lighter flame is about 1500 degrees at it's peak, Zippo naptha lighters top out around 2000. I never realized that either got that hot.

Terry_P 10-26-2018 03:22 PM

I would be careful with the heat. At 2000 degrees things can go south with stainless.

bearcatter 10-26-2018 05:19 PM


Originally Posted by Terry_P (Post 352838)
I would be careful with the heat. At 2000 degrees things can go south with stainless.

The wrong numbers keep showing up. I mis-copied my first info. It is supposed to be 1500 butane, 2000 naptha. I have edited the post a dozen times, and it keeps reverting back to the higher numbers. First I've ever had that problem with any forum.

At any rate, 1500 is why I use a BIC. And, it supposedly takes a couple of minutes for a butane flame to stabilize to 1500. The first several seconds it's more like 800-900.

I've re-edited the post, again. Hopefully the numbers will stay put.

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