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This is a discussion on Good lever action ammo within the Lever Action Rifles forums, part of the Long Gun Forum category; First of all hello to everyone. New to this forum. I just purchased a Chiappa 1892 alaskan take down in 44 mag. I've been reading ...

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Good lever action ammo

First of all hello to everyone. New to this forum.
I just purchased a Chiappa 1892 alaskan take down in 44 mag. I've been reading tons of info on all sorts of thing for this rifle but can seem to find the answer to this. I need experienced advice on good inexpensive target shooting ammo for this gun. Ammo that cycles smoothly and is accurate.
This is what I know so far.
From Chiappa. Bullet type round nose/round nose flat point.
Copper plated bullets can't handle the increased velocity of a rifle barrel.
Quote from rifle description. "Optimized for use with Hornady LEVER Evolution ammo"

If I had money coming out my you know what, I'd be fine with buying $20 for 20 round Horady ammo for putting holes in paper. I'll probably get them for deer hunting season but that's about it.

About as cheap as I've found online are these. Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics, .44 Mag, JSP, 240 Grain, 50 Rounds.

I've used Fiocchi brand ammo before in my 9mm and 357 and have no complaints. I would really like to get closer to .50 per round or less.
I looked into what LAX Ammunition Factory has but the ones I was original looking at are copper plated and I'm not reading any good results in using copper plated in rifles.

Thanks in advance for all recommendations.
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Your first few posts go into moderation so we can evaluate if you are a spammer prior to having their posts paint the forum.

As to your question I reload all my own ammo so don't have a good source for you.

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@ williamknitter: It surely sounds as if you are putting too much reliability in the manufacturer's suggestion.
Buy a few boxes of different ammo and run your own accuracy tests.
I use different brands of ammo in my 243 and have yet to find any marked difference in the brands. Most brands do cost about $20/ box but after zeroing, I do not target shoot the 243.
Hear again, I'm not shooting over 100 yards as there are few areas where I live that one can safely shoot that far.
I do not shoot lead cast bullets in any of my guns.
I got a too late lesson when I cast my own bullets and here is what I learned:
I has access to the old lead wheel weights along with shooting range lead.
I had a bottom pour casting pot that made pouring the bullets very easy.
I shot all of my reloads in a 686 S&W. After shooting several thousand rounds I noticed that there was sever scratch marks in the forcing cone area of the barrel.
After studying the problem it occured to me that the grit from the lead was pooling in the bottom of the pour pot and being transferred into the cast bullet.
One little grit that finds itself placed in the outer parts of a bullet can lead to barrel scratching after a few hundred rounds.
I sold the entire mess and quit casting my own bullets.
Welcome to the forum! I thought you question was authentic and I hope you find the ammo that suits you.

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Welcome to our humble group.
I can’t help you with the rifle ammo issue as the only rifle shooting I do is 22lr.
But we have some great people here with much more knowledge than I have.
Stick around and get to know us.
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Thank you all who have already responded. Hopefully there is someone out there who has this rifle or a chiappa rifle period. I agree that trying out different ammo in seeing what works best is important. I have a somewhat finicky Beretta 92fs. It does not like to cycle some mid priced brands of brass ammo like Blazer but will shoot most cheap dirty steel case all day long. Like Tula or that winchester steel forged.
What I'm trying to avoid is buying $25 (or more) boxes of 44 mag just to find out there crap. Some things that would be nice to get some hands on advice on is bullet type that will cycle nice and not get damage when chamber. RN, RNFP, HP and so on? Full jacket or partially jacketed rounds? Or no jacket? Just a guess but full exposed lead flat nose would probably be a bad choice but what do I know. Chiappa's recommended use of round nose is probably so they chamber smoothly or smoother than other bullet shapes. That's kind of a duh statement from Chiappa though.
Example of what I'm taliking about. I have a bolt action 308. At first when I was using it for deer hunting I was using exposed lead tip ammo. After a few times of unloading the gun by cycling the bolt (no removable mag) I noticed the lead tip was slowly getting more scratches/damage. That can't be good for accuracy. I now use Hornady ammo with that plastic tip. That's what I meant above when I said "not get damaged when chambered"
Thanks again to all.
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Welcome from Georgia.
How is the fit/finish and action on the Chiappa?
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I just got it. Sounds crazy but haven't fired a round out of it yet. Hence my original posting. It's a beautiful gun, well machined and the lever is smooth. With my previous experience with Chiappa I knew this was a good choice.
2 years ago I got there rhino revolver 60DS in 357 mag 6 inch barrel. That is the best handgun I've ever fired. Shockingly accurate. I'm not no marksmen either.
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Give the Mag tech 158 JSPs a try. Have had excellent accuracy with them in my Marlin 357 and they're right at that 50 cents a round price.
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Any good 44 special should work OK. I have a Rossi 92 which is about the same gun and I use Blazer aluminum case 44 special jacketed hollow points to plink, also handles 44 shot shells but only single load but good for snakes and squirrels.Save the magnum for hunting. The Hornady leverevolution work very well on game no point in cutting corners when you hunt.
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