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Hey, a rimfire report!

This is a discussion on Hey, a rimfire report! within the Range Reports forums, part of the Gunner Forum category; Our November weather has been behaving like October, but that's about to change, so Bill and I headed to the range while the weather was ...

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Hey, a rimfire report!

Our November weather has been behaving like October, but that's about to change, so Bill and I headed to the range while the weather was decent. Yes, I did shoot some 44 mag, but mostly wanted to just relax and have fun with two of our specialty pistols in 22 LR. Both are great examples of the breed, as in being anything but conventional.

First up is what I regard as possibly at the top of the list in fun guns to shoot. It's our Ruger Charger outfitted with a Bushnell TRS-25 red dot.

The Charger mag holds 15 rounds and the trigger is actually quite good. I suspect the Charger is factory equipped with Ruger's target 1022 trigger. Either that, or I just got lucky. Whatever. As I've reported in the past, this thing is a shooter!

Bill thinks it's a shooter, too. He just pours them in at a moderate clip, no attempt to get fancy. Just put the darn red dot on target and start squeezing them off. Have to think that the Charger equipped with a laser might make an interesting self-defense gun. Oh, yeah, be sure to bring plenty of ammo when shooting the Charger. It's that fun.

Next up is a specialty pistol that I've featured in many posts. Have jokingly called this pistol my most accurate 22 LR rife and that's actually not an exaggeration. It's our Anschutz Exemplar 22 LR bolt action pistol.

This one is too boringly accurate to shoot at 25 yards, so I shoot it at 50 yards, using a silhouette style hold. I typically save the Exemplar for the last gun to shoot in a range session because the trigger is simply in a class of its own, breaking at 8 ounces as it comes from the factory and it can even be adjusted lighter. Very difficult to switch gears and go back to shooting a typical handgun, later, after shooting the Anschutz.

There you have it, a rimfire post and a rimfire post about two unusual guns, at that. More, later.
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Awesome! I never get tired of your range reports.
But you may be costing me some money. I had just about convinced myself that I didn't need a Charger. Then you post this and I am thinking there is a big hole in my fun gun collection.
This morning I got three guns out to go have some range fun. My S&W Victory, Ruger SR22, and Uberti Stallion. Three very different guns but equally fun to shoot. Then my work phone made noise.
Maybe tomorrow I will get that range trip in. I hope they don't have a Charger in the shop. Well maybe I hope they do.
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Seabee, the one thing about the Charger is that it won't duplicate any other kind of gun. Not that I'm pushing you to buy one, but if you shoot the Charger the way 303 shoots his Henry Mare's Legs, you'll be amazed at what you can do. Charger or no Charger, though, hope you get a chance to get and shoot, tomorrow. If so, we will be expecting a range report.
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NCG, I think you may have hit on something with the Charger trigger. Remember me reporting how nice mine was, so much so, I left it alone. If I can group under an inch at 25 yards with bulk ammo, is a better trigger going to improve on that a lot? Very nice shooting by you and Bill both. Thanks for posting.

My Charger trigger is better than the couple 10/22's I have shot.


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I love my Charger . It shoot like a rifle .
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I was thinking of taking a vintage 1966 10/22 out next time and I might just have to throw my Chargers in heap too.
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Hey, that's great guys! Glad to see us talking guns a bit more. Have no issues with the political stuff, but I do think we need a little gun talk therapy, now and then, too. Keep it coming.

Moakes, I'm convinced this is Ruger's better 10/22 trigger. I had installed their BX 10/22 trigger upgrade in an old 10/22 and this one feels exactly like it.

TGR, you're right. The Charger is every bit as accurate as any 10/22 rifle we've shot and, in fact, more accurate that most 10/22 rifles we've shot. The two we've had, now, have both been able to shoot under an inch at 50 yards, easily, right out of the box. Haven't benched this one much, but it has done 3/4" at 50 and I bet it could do better if I spent more time finding just the right ammo. Let's face it, there are very few pistols that can do that.
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Nice report, NCG! Those little yellow circles sure are purty...

Between us, we've cost RetiredSeabee a new rifle and a Charger. He should just let Santa bring 'em, right?

I've thought about a Charger, but it pretty much demands a bench for its bipod. Even though all my shooting these days is at a benched range, I prefer something freehand.
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Old 11-18-2016, 09:06 AM   #9
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Thanks, BC.

All this shooting with the Charger was done freehand or, if you prefer, offhand, standing position, no rest or bipod, using a silhouette style hold with my grip hand resting under my chin and my support hand wrapped around the magazine. Same hold I use with the Exemplar. Makes for a very stable standing position. It's very similar to what 303 uses when he shoots his Henry MLs. I let him explain it more, if he's up to it. I haven't used the bipod since my first outing with the Charger and, then, only to accuracy test. Anyway, point is that the Charger is a very shootable gun without a rest, but you'll likely have to use an unconventional hold.

With any of my posts on pistol shooting, you can assume I'm shooting from a standing position, no rest, unless I indicate, otherwise. I only rarely shoot handguns from a rest, anymore, and when I do, it's for accuracy testing, not for sighting in. To sight in a new handgun, I just take out it out of the box and immediately shoot it from a standing position, no rest, and adjust as I go. Have my handgun shooting down well enough, now, to know when it's me being off or the gun being off. Besides, when switching to a standing position from a rest, I usually have to make some sight adjustments, anyway, because the POI usually shifts with that kind of change in position. Bottom line is that I just don't have much use or interest in shooting handguns from a rest, anymore.

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