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Indoor airguns, the HW77K

This is a discussion on Indoor airguns, the HW77K within the Range Reports forums, part of the Gunner Forum category; Probably not a lot of interest in this type of gun for some of you, but thought it might add a little variety and that's ...

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Indoor airguns, the HW77K

Probably not a lot of interest in this type of gun for some of you, but thought it might add a little variety and that's a good thing. For those that don't know me, yes, I am a hardcore air gunner.

Our first real blast of winter, overnight, so needed to re-sight in some of our rifles we shoot outdoors at 30 to 50 yards in nice weather for use in our basement 10 meter range, which I use almost daily during our long winters. While most of our airguns wear scopes, I do keep three of our Weihrauch (HW) spring piston rifles set up with peep sights and rotate the three throughout the winter. Of the three, this one, the HW77K, is the largest and the most powerful (can get over 900 fps with the right 1777 pellets) and it is my favorite iron sight gun for 50 yard offhand work (yes, I shoot offhand a lot, even at 50 yards).

For those of you not familiar with this breed of air rifle, these German made rifles are as good as it gets. Not cheap (will cost you more than a CZ 22 LR), but quality, trigger, fit and finish and factory open sights put most rimfire rifles to shame. Germans take air gun shooting very seriously. Don't confuse these with the stuff you see at Wal Mart.

The 77K is actually more powerful than needed for 10 meter work, but it is still doable and I enjoy it. I got it for several reasons. For one, it's now one of the few underlever guns that come with iron sights and a stock designed for use with iron sights. Yes,it can take a scope, but I have plenty of other guns with scopes. For another, it is exceedingly accurate, as all HWs are. Even with a peep, have done an inch at 50 yards with this gun. For still another, the 77K has a ton of history behind it. First appeared in 1982 and really set the airgun world on fire with its under lever design. The gun ruled the roost in Field Target competition for many years and is still used in that sport.

Here's my sight in target with a number of adjustments to the sights included. Pretty so-so target with this gun, but it does show what these guns can do. Won't take long to get the sights fine tuned and shoot some bragging targets with this one. Have done it many times with this gun. All my 10 meter work, by the way, is done from a standing position.

Lots more on airguns if anyone is interested. I will be shooting these all winter long and, like I said, will do an occasional post to add a little variety.

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