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bearcatter 05-15-2020 04:46 PM

Cox cable no service
Wife has been told she can go back to work the 8th, at home. Our home computer is too old and slow to meet what's required. Her company is letting her bring home a company PC.

Speed is the problem. We now have Verizon DSL, a phone line internet. Speed is a whopping .35 MBPS. That's point three five.......:o....... Our only alternative is Cox. They offer up to 950 MBPS. We are going for a 500 MBPS service, to be sure. Only a little pricier than their slowest 150.

Cox will not currently go in your house at all. They will run the line from the pole to my house. They'll have a line wiggled through the foundation. I'm stuck to do the rest. I think in the basement it'll take about fifty feet of cable and a splitter to hook up the two PCs. Drilling two holes in the floor, making sure I don't drill the wrong thing?

The internet will be $ 40 more than our current, but will be a non-work benefit, too. Requires a smart phone we don't have; about $ 60 more. Staying at home will save on gas, etc. Maybe it will even up.

Terry_P 05-16-2020 05:56 AM

Two thoughts:

Verizon doesn't offer FIOS in that area?

Keep track of your expenses as I'm pretty sure you could take the cost of the upgraded internet as an adjustment to income on your taxes. You would have to file it on Form 2106 line 3 and then deduct it from you AGI. Been a while since I was into that stuff but I believe you can take it and still take the standard deduction.

Had strong T-Storms move thru north of us last night. All we got was rain. Sunny this morning and this week look unsettled. They are here today wrapping up some of the site work to get the driveway ready to pave so not sure when that will happen.

bearcatter 05-16-2020 10:26 AM

FIOS is downtown, and on the pricier residential side of town...:twisted:

We don't have enough stuff to normally itemize, but we'll dry run that work expense and see. I appreciate the reminder for it.

Terry_P 05-16-2020 01:43 PM

Don't need to itemize I believe it is an adjustment to income. The instructions for Form 2106 will tell you if I'm all wet or not.

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